WipeOut™ Aquatic Herbicide

  • Controls Persistent Pond Weeds All Season
  • Effective on Floating & Submerged Weeds
  • Treats Entire Body of Water in a Single Application



WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide is the ideal herbicide for long-term aquatic vegetation management. Apply it early spring in freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage and irrigation canals. WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide contains fluridone, the same active ingredient in Sonar A.S. and Avast! SC Aquatic Herbicide. WipeOut has no temperature, swimming, boating, or livestock restrictions.

Apply WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide at the first sign of weed growth early in the season. A single application treats the entire body of water to control even the most persistent pond weeds, including American pondweed, bladderwort, clasping leaf pondweed, coontail, curly-leaf pondweed, duckweed, watermilfoil, hydrilla, lily pads, sago pondweed, spatterdock, and naiad.

Reactive treatments such as algaecides, herbicides, and mechanical tools can help control unwanted weeds or algae and are a crucial step in the Airmax Ecosystem, a simple 3 step approach to pond and lake management. The Airmax Ecosystem is the industry-leading method to achieve a clean, thriving aquatic ecosystem. Learn more about the Airmax Ecosystem.


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Weed Control

Airmax Ecosystem

Product Label – 4 Ounce

Product Label – 8 Ounce


Weeds Treated

American Pondweed
Clasping Leaf Pondweed
Curly Leaf Pondweed

Eurasian Watermilfoil

Lily Pads
Sago Pondweed

How to Use


WipeOut PondWeed Defense - 4 Ounce

4 Ounce

WipeOut PondWeed Defense - 8 Ounce

8 Ounce
Application Liquid Liquid
Active Ingredient Fluridone Fluridone
Temperature Restriction None None
Pond Size
(4′ Deep)
Up to 1/8 Surface Acre Up to 1/4 Surface Acre
Shelf Life 2 Year 2 Year


Dosage Rates

Treatment Area WipeOut (Ounces)
1/8 Surface Acre
(5,445 sq ft)
3.8 Ounces
1/4 Surface Acre
(10,890 sq ft)
7.7 Ounces
1/2 Surface Acre
(21,780 sq ft)
15.7 Ounces
3/4 Surface Acre
(32,670 sq ft)
23.4 Ounces
1 Surface Acre
(43,560 sq ft)
31.4 Ounces
4 Surface Acres
(174,240 sq ft)
128 Ounces

Please note: Above are recommendations. Always read the product label.


When to Apply

Apply WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide early in the season at the first sign of weed growth. Use pond dye to monitor the dilution your pond receives and reduce sunlight exposure. For best results, apply the treatment directly in the water underneath any surface weeds in ponds with minimal outflow. The product should stay in the water for 60 – 90 days.

How to Apply

Mix 3.8 fluid ounces of WipeOut with water in a container and apply to the pond in several spots from the shoreline. 3.8 fl oz treats a 1/8 surface acre pond with an average depth of 4 ft.

Water Use Restrictions

Some precautions may apply to irrigation for 30 days. See WipeOut product label for complete details.

State Restrictions

WipeOut Aquatic Herbicide cannot be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Washington, or Canada.

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