Razer Rake

  • 36″ Collapsible Rake Head Provides a Wide Harvesting Surface
  • The Razor Sharp Teeth Provides a Better Cut & Dig
  • Folds for Easy Storage, Includes Removable Float



Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake is Designed to Remove:

• Weed roots to prevent re-growth of submerged weeds and roots
• Debris floating on the surface of the water
• Shorter bottom-dwelling weeds
• Decaying organic matter on the bottom

Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake is a 36-inch wide, versatile rake, that assembles easily with push-button snap connectors and the razor-sharp teeth make it perfect for digging, cutting, and mechanical removal of weeds, algae, muck, and debris. The 9-foot aluminum handle extends your reach for shoreline debris. Cast and retrieve by attaching the included 25-foot rope and detachable floats for a smooth toss. Finally, finish the job with the professional-grade landscaping rake that’s excellent for dressing beach sand! Collapsible for convenient storage.

If you have recently cut your weeds with Jenlis Weed Razer, use Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake to remove the remaining roots that lie beneath the surface of your lake or pond bottom. Allow the pond rake head to sink to the bottom. Use a back and forth motion with the pond rake handle and stir up the bottom. The long teeth will dig into the bottom and dislodge the root systems of most leafy submerged aquatic vegetation.

Tech Specs

Razer Rake

Application Pond & Lake Collapsible Rake
Dimensions Assembled 102″ X 7″ X 36″
Dimensions Collapsed 5.25″ x 6.5″ x 36.5″
Raker Head Width 36″
Raker Tine Length 4.75″
Pole Length 9′
Pull Rope Length 25′
Includes (4) Velcro Straps & (2) Floats
Weight 5.4 lb
Warranty 1-Year

How to Assemble

Handle Assembly: Press the spring loaded buttons on one end of the handle connector and slide it halfway into one of the handles and rotate it until the buttons snap into the holes of the handle. Repeat this process for the other half of the handle.

Insert the looped end of the rope through the black cap on the end of the handle until the loop lines up with the bolt hole. Insert bolt through both the hole in the handle and the loop in the rope. Pull on the rope to confirm the bolt passed through the end of the rope loop. Secure the bolt in place with the lock nut. Over-tightening the bolt will bend the end of the handle.

To expand the rake head, press down on the spring loaded buttons and push forward to open the rake.

When to Use

The Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake is the ideal complement to the Jenlis Weed Razer and Jenlis Weed Raker. The Collapsible Razer Rake is ideally suited for digging and cutting the roots of plants cut by the Jenlis Weed Razer. The lightweight 9-foot handle makes the Collapsible Razer Rake perfect for tossing and retrieving. The floating rope will keep the lake rake from disappearing in the water should you lose control of the rope.


Razer Rake
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Razer Rake
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Razer Rake
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Razer Rake

See how the first aluminum folding rake collapses for easy storage in this video.

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