Muck Razer

  • Reduce Muck & Eliminate Aquatic Growth
  • Dig Out Weed Roots & Sediment
  • Clears Beach & Dock Areas



Designed with hooked teeth made of galvanized steel, the Jenlis Muck Razer will help reduce muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds giving you clean, weed-free swimming and beach areas. Simply place the drum into the water and push back and forth across any muck or submerged aquatic vegetation. This agitation aerates the muck layer allowing natural bacteria such as MuckAway to accelerate muck decomposition helping to produce a firm pond bottom.

The Jenlis Muck Razer can also be used out of the water to de-weed beach areas. Easy to use and weighs only 25 lbs. Includes 12′ three-piece aluminum handle, 24″ x 6″ dia. PVC drum and heavy-duty galvanized steel agitating teeth.
Patent No: US D907,451 S.

Tech Specs

Muck Razer Rake

Application Sediment & Pondweed Removal
Drum Dimensions 24″L x 6″ Dia.
Assembled Handle Length 12′
3-Piece Handle Material Aluminum
Drum Material PVC
Teeth Material Galvanized Steel
Total Weight 25 lb
Warranty 1-Year

Patent No: US D907,451 S

When to Use

Get to the root of your pond muck by cutting your pond vegetation with the Jenlis Weed Razer and follow up with the Muck Razer to move the sediment and get oxygen in the bottom of the pond or lake. The Jenlis Muck Razer muck roller requires no electrical power and will reduce pond muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds to give you a clean swimming and boating area. This versatile muck roller is designed for use underwater and along the shoreline.

How to Use

Roll the Muck Razer into the water. The head will fill up with water and sink to the bottom.
Push the muck roller drum back and forth across the ‘muck’ and root-infested area. This action will aerate the sediment -accelerating its breakdown -and dig out roots.
Repeat until you achieve the desired result. De-rooted vegetation will float to the surface and should be removed.

Box Contents

1 PVC 6″ Muck Roller Drum
2 End Caps
3-Piece Aluminum 12′ Pole Handle
2 Curved Aluminum Handles
11 Galvanized Steel Muck Razer Teeth
3 Bolts and 3 Nuts for the Main Handle
2 Thrust Bearings, 2 Nuts, 2 Washer for the 2 Carriage Bolts
22 Hex Screws for the Teeth on the Drum (2 Screws for each tooth)

Required Tools (Not Included)

1/4″ Wrench for the Teeth
7/16″ Wrench for the Main Handle.
3/4″ Wrench for the Carriage Bolts

How to Assemble

For assembly instructions please watch the Muck Razer Assembly Video.


Muck Razer
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Muck Razer
French Product Manual

Muck Razer Spanish Product Manual


Muck Razer

Introducing Jenlis Muck Razer. Watch how this underwater aerator moves sediment and adds oxygen to the bottom of your pond or lake to eliminate muck and digs out roots of aquatic weeds.

Muck Razer Assembly

Learn how to assemble the Jenlis Muck Razer pond tool with this step-by-step instructional video.

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