Airmax EasyKlear Granular 15 lb

  • Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting Broad Spectrum Weed Control
  • Great for Bottom Growing Algae, Chara & Submerged Weeds
  • Control Weeds Surrounding Docks & Shorelines
  • Easy-to-Use Aquatic Algaecide & Herbicide



EasyKlear Defense 2-In-1 Granular is easy to use, works fast, and provides long-lasting results. Works on floating and submerged algae, including Chara, and a broad spectrum of submerged weeds. EasyKlear Defense works excellent in ponds, lakes, and even areas with flowing water, such as a dock area or canal. EasyKlear takes the guesswork out of pond and lake treatments.

Reactive treatments such as algaecides, herbicides, and mechanical tools can help control unwanted weeds or algae and are a crucial step in the Airmax Ecosystem, a simple 3 step approach to pond and lake management. The Airmax Ecosystem is the industry-leading method to achieve a clean, thriving aquatic ecosystem. Learn more about the Airmax Ecosystem.


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Video – Airmax Ecosystem

Airmax Ecosystem

Algae & Weed Control

Product Label – 15 Pound



String Algae
Planktonic Algae
Curly Leaf Pondweed
American Pondweed
Sago Pondweed

How to Use

  EasyKlear Defense - 15 Pound

15 Pound
Application Granular
Temperature Restriction None
Square Footage per Container Up to 6,000 sq ft
Shelf Life 5 Year



Treatment Area Treating Algae Treating Chara Treating Weeds*
1,000 sq ft 2.5 lb 5 lb 7.5 – 25 lb
2,000 sq ft 5 lb 10 lb 15 – 20 lb
4,000 sq ft 10 lb 20 lb 30 – 100 lb
8,000 sq ft 20 lb 40 lb 60 – 200 lb

*Dosage rates on aquatic weeds depend on weed type and density.
Please note: Above are recommendations. Always read the product label.

When to Apply

EasyKlear should be applied when algae and weeds are actively growing. Begin applications when algae and weeds first appear.

How to Apply

Following label instructions, apply ready−to−use granular directly to water. Evenly broadcast granular using a granular spreader. For total pond treatments: Spread evenly around the pond’s perimeter directly from the shore. For spot treatments: Spread directly on weed and algae beds from the shoreline or a boat.

Water Use Restrictions

  • No livestock or swimming restrictions.
  • There are no irrigation restrictions.
  • Do not use it in ponds with trout unless carbonate hardness test strip is above 50 ppm.
  • Do not use in ponds with koi, grass carp, or goldfish.
  • Not for use in water gardens or koi ponds. You can use AlgaeOff instead.
  • See label for human consumption restrictions. The drinking water setback distance from functioning potable water intakes in the treated waterbody must be greater than or equal to 600 feet.

State Restrictions

EasyKlear Defense cannot be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Washington, or Canada.

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